Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Cup Size is 350cc Breast Implants?

350cc breast implants and your breast size

Are you considering breast augmentation surgery with 350cc breast implants? Naturally a question of yours will be what your breast size will be after the breast procedure. The profile of the breast implant (either low, moderate, or high) will also affect how 350cc will increase the size of your breasts. Many cosmetic surgeons say that higher profile 350cc breast implants s are suggested for women with a breast width that is smaller, while low profile 350cc breast implants are a better choice for women with a wide breast, such as a 36 or 38 inch band size.

Your breast enlargement surgeon will only be able to approximate how a set of 350cc breast implants will change the size of your breasts. The simple reasons this is true is because: 1) the body of every woman is unique and 2) there is no standardized form of measurement from the bra manufacturers yet. Please remember that these sizes are only estimates. Contact your breast augmentation surgeon for more info. It is only your breast augmentation surgeon who can predict well how 350cc breast implants will change the size of your breasts.

What will my breast size be with 350cc breast implants?

Generally if you have an A cup today you will be a C. A cup today: C after receiving your breast implants, B cup today: D after your breast implant surgery, C cup today: DD after breast augmentation. While one of the benefits to silicone breast implants is that they tend toresult in a fuller look they will increase your breast size in a comparable to way to that of saline. Many surgeons have said that it takes about 175cc to 200cc to augment your breast size by approximately one cup size. There are several things that can impact these estimates however such as the profile of the breast implant, placement over the muscle or under, your present muscle tissue and more.

Use Breast Implant Sizing Systems To Try Out Your Size With 350cc breast implants

Today, perhaps the best method for estimating how 350cc breast implants will change your bra size is to get a good system of implant sizers. You should try wearing a set of implant sizers and try out different size ranges. Most women looking for this implant size will buy a set of implant sizers, getting sizers at least 50cc's both smaller and larger than 350cc breast implants. In years past women were allowed only to try out breast implant sizers in the plastic surgeon's office, but thankfully today you can buy an implant sizing system to use at home on your own time.

Sizers for 350cc breast implants

The great advantage with Purlz Breast Implant Sizers is that you can try on your own clothing and even go through your normal daily activities while wearing different breast implant sizes. The true beneft to the Purlz Breast Sizing System is that you can wear them out of the house because they were created to look like a natural breast. There is only one implant sizer system available today that allows you to do this: The Purlz Breast Sizing System. Comparable systems might be a bit less expensive but are water-based so that you can see the ripples through your clothing. Unlike other sizers, Purlz are a sewn product using a soft fabric shell and filled with small plastic beads. They were carefully designed to be comfortable so that they can be worn all day or for as long as you desire. There is simply no better system on the market.

Show Me 350cc breast implants Before and After Pictures

Before and after pictures of 350cc breast implants are definitely interesting to look at, but you need to understand that these photos can contain significant distortions. A truly better test with pictures is to take before and after photos of yourself while wearing differerent sizes of breast implants. In this method you are creating before and after photos of yourself that you can show to your breast enhancement surgeon. Some surgeons will even bring these pictures into the operating room while performing your procedure as a reminder of what size you want to be. Bring the photos you took to your surgeon so that you can discuss how you felt about each of the different breast sizes.

Will I get the size I want with 350cc breast implants?

When you first meet with your plastic surgeon at the breast augmentation consultation you will talk about the variety of sizes and types that will need to have to arrive at your goal breast size. After your implant procedure you may finally end up wishing that you got 50ccs larger or smaller, but if you have not tried on the sizers you will never really know. Try on different sizes today with the revolutionary Purlz breast implant sizers. No matter where you are in the breast augmentation process, you definitely need to look towards L.W. Gatz and the Purlz Breast Sizing System!

Please do not underplay the importance of the decision on breast implant sizes. When you sit down and consider that all the costs and risks exist with a second surgery you should spend as much time as possible preparing as much as possible for our breast implant surgery. Avoid the most common mistake in breast implant surgery by trying your breast size with 350cc breast implants. The cost of a great set of breast implant sizers is really very small considering the true cost of breast augmentation.

Studies have shown that women who are dissatisfied with their breast augmentation afterwards, wish they had chosen a different size of breast implants. Most of these women have reported, in fact, that they wish they had opted for a slightly larger size. In some cases they underestimated how well their new look would be perceived by family and friends. For women that have tried sizers for 350cc breast implants before breast augmentation, they get the opportunity to get over this perception before they make their final size decision. Try wearing your breast implant sizers in as many situations as possible. Wear them to work, at home, or out shopping. Trying different sizes over time can help you make our decision!